Writing services



In need of some (creative) content for your business or news outlet? Or do you simply want to communicate a message? Quality copy goes a long what to helping you communicate a message. Hire a professional writer to tell you story and craft your message. Joshua Waleson researches and creates content in the form of photographs and/or text. This can be in the format of a newsletter, press release, blog, article and advertising and marketing materials based on the requirements of a client/organisation.

Feature Writing

He has written many articles on a variety of subjects. In addition, he has worked for the editorial board of an academic journal. This means he has experience with regard to writing for a divers audience as well as understanding the editorial business of writing for magazines, blogs and journals.

Research Projects (storytelling)

With his divers background in finance, law, geopolitics, history and business he enjoys researching a large range of topics. He thoroughly enjoys the whole process of creating a compelling story. From researching a project to interviewing any sources and delivering a finished product within the deadline.

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With two university degrees and years of experience editing for a academic journal he provides meticulous editing & proofreading services. In this regard, the following services are offered:

  • structuring text;
  • desk editing/copyediting;
  • (academic) footnote editing;
  • background research for articles.

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Joshua Waleson is a native Dutch & (American) English speaker. He provides translation services for clients and organisations. Pricing depends on assignment. Send an email detailing your requests and ask for a quote.



His hourly rate is 45 AUD (ex. tax). Considering every project is unique a lump sum may be negotiated.