Born in 1988 Joshua Waleson grew up in the red light district in Amsterdam during the late 90’s. His parents, both musicians, exposed him to music, history and travel at a young age.

Fresh out of high school he worked at a bank in Amsterdam for 2.5 years. In his ongoing conquest for knowledge he pursued a bachelors degree in Law and Business Studies at Leiden University. While studying he was an avid rower and assistant editor to a top ranking academic journal. After completing his masters degree in International Trade and Investment Law at the University of Amsterdam he worked at a law firm for some time. Now he travels the world, in search of stories and images worth capturing.

IMG_9192He has an ever-expanding curiosity with regard to all aspects of life. A ‘skill’ useful from a personal perspective, contributing to his extreme resourcefulness and auto didactical capabilities. From a professional standpoint it ensures he gets his head around complex concepts quickly and never loses sight of the broader perspective. Extremely useful skills as a travel writer – or a traveling writer – whichever you prefer. His interests range from geopolitics, conflict zones, motorcycle travel to abstract photography and techno. It is hard to find something he will not be at least a bit enthusiastic about!

After driving through Europe on a motorcycle in 2017, exploring WWII history and abandoned places, he is now headed for Australia. Goal: Buy a motorcycle and pursue  stories and images around the country. Whilst traveling he offers his creative writing services online. As his private and professional lives are very intertwined, this website includes personal stories, blogs, photographs and articles on topic’s he finds interesting.

He is always open to discuss ideas for new projects so feel free to contact him.


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