Part 4: Luban (PL) – Terezin (CZ)

Got up and slumbered down the stairs towards the main lobby for breakfast. Nice – euro-swag music playing (just had to Shazam this one to give an impression)! I get why Eurovision is popular here! Anyways. I had made up my mind with regard to the next destination. I could head East, towards Auschwitz, Krakow and maybe the Ukraine (Odessa) or I could go south, towards the Balkans (my original idea) and pass by Theresienstadt, Prague and the Alps. My back had taken quite a beating the day before (the hour of Polish highway…). On top of that, I am really looking forward to riding through the mountains. Better stick to my original plan – still have time and if I really want to, I’ll just turn east! With my mind (kind of) made up, I packed my gear and headed south.

Heading south
Fellow biker. He DID wave…

What a ride! Any wobbly thoughts and doubts I had during the morning evaporated during my ride to the Czech Republic. Perfect tarmac, beautiful weather, and absolutely amazing scenery. The Czech Republic is hilly and full of castles and fortresses. You never know what is over the next hill. Unfortunately the Chinese made knock off suction-cup I bought to attach my GoPro to my helmet lived up to expectations quality wise…so I did not capture any of it on film. Going to try MacGyver something in Prague to resolve this issue.

Tent and bike @ Soviet camping

After taking it nice and slow I arrived at a tiny car camping on the outskirts of Terezin (Theresienstadt). The little bar on the camping field seems to be the local elderly hang out. On arrival, I was startled by speakers that abruptly started shouting in Czech after playing what very much sounded like the State Anthem of the Soviet Union. These speakers are all across the town and go off every six hours. It all had a very Communist feel to it and gave me the sensation of going back in time. Awesome!

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