Part 3: Berlin (GER) – Luban (PL)

taking pictures – street with a view of Ferhrseeturm

After spending a great week visiting friends in Berlin it is time to head off again. Toward Poland!

The moment of crossing into Poland was quite memorable. I do not know what they did to the road – but it felt like someone scraped half the tarmac off with a cheese grater. Quite a sharp contrast with the smoothly paved Autobahn. After an hour of navigating through holes and cracks, I thought I punctured a tire. Apparently, I got caught in one of the deep ridges lining the tarmac. My bike wobbled all over the place! After a quick checkup, all seemed fine. The time had come to take my chances with the local roads towards Prague This was the best idea ever. Lo and behold! What a relief! These roads were fuc…euh…absolutely amazing! Beautiful smooth tarmac and – even nicer – beautiful scenery! Lush forests and fields of grain. The day was good again. Decided to go to stop over at Luban. A town that had been recaptured by the Wehrmacht in the late stages of WW2, leading to the Red Army reeking additional havoc and destroying 60% of all buildings (and a large part of the population)…

Polish provincial roads – nice!

Anyway. The hostel I wanted to stay at was very closed – borded windows and all. Some Polish dude implied I should call some number. I did. No one took the call. Polish dude went back to his beer. Thanked him. All good. Next Hostel.

The next hostel was just a few kilometers away. The lady behind the counter told me the price of a night was 136. Say what? For a motel…? Completely flabbergasted I bluffed to have seen a much lower price on the internet. She did some thinking and told me the price was 136 Zloty, but I could pay 30 euros if I like. Right. Living in the Netherlands means you are surrounded by countries that have the Euro as currency. I had completely forgotten about Zloty’s.

The room was awesome. It felt like entering a really weird 70s Soviet porn set (not that I would know what that would look like of course). Draped curtains, all red velvet and weird looking black chairs with mirrors stitched into the heightened backrests. Now to get a good night sleep on the truly kitsch looking queen size bed and think about where to go next: East (Ukraine) or South (Prague – Albania).

the bee would not stay for the picture…


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