Europe Balkan Motor Trip

AMSTERDAM – AUGUST 2017 The time has come. An adventure is about to start!. This summer I will drive my motorcycle through Europe. The goal is to reach Albania, exploring local culture & history along the way. 

I will drive from Amsterdam, through Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and finally Amsterdam. A 10.000 kilometer trip spread over two months.

Goals & Asperations

The trip has two themes. First, the plan is to drive through all these countries, exploring local culture and history. I will visit abandoned bunkers, abandoned airfields, concentration camps, Hitler’s Eagles Nest, Verdun and many other places I come across. Europe is such a divers and rich continent and I intend to explore it on my bike!

The second theme is the ride in itself. Motorcycle riding, the freedom, the beautiful nature you come across, the freedom… These is something about it, it feels a bit cheesy but up to a certain extent is is the ‘easy rider’ experience. It is just you and your bike, going where you want to go exploring whatever you are interested in exploring. Not bad, I must say.

The Bike

I am a slow rider. I enjoy looking around, eating and taking it easy while soaking up my surroundings. In this regard, my bike perfectly suits my stile of travelling. Commonly considered an ‘old-fart bike’ my beast of war is a ’95 BMW GS 1100. A lovely bike that has been in my possession for almost 10 years and faithfully endured all I have thrown at it. Due to it’s age and the abuse I put it through these past years, I sincerely  hope it holds…But as I am always well prepared for such occasions! I got myself insurance that provided alternative means of transportation if your bike cannot be fixed within two days. Perhaps I should ride it of a cliff and get a shiny new BMW GS 1200 for the rest of the trip when my bike begins to act up…

Lets go!

I’ll fire up my engine in Amsterdam and try to get over to Berlin without my fuel injection falling out (it is held together with iron-wire at the moment).

Screenshot 2017-07-06 19.18.55
My planned route – Amsterdam (NED)- Berlin (GER)- Salzburg (AUS) – Laibach (SLO) – Zadar (CRO) – Dubrovnik (CRO) Budva (Montenegro) – (ALB)

After staying in Berlin for some time I’ll go south – visiting as many historic sights as possible – towards the Balkans. Then on my way back up I will meet up with my uncles for a motorcross weekend in northern France with the Dutch (Yamaha) XT club. Everything else is up in the air!





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